asie (asani) wrote,


Im having the suckiest time ever atm.....
i know i havent posted in some time but i never had time

i keep missing all of my deadlines, or gettin things done at the very last second, it perfetic, and i have 3 things dew in 2 morrow and ive done none, and i know none of the stuff. so im up at midnight atempting to do this crap

money sux, well....what sux is i never have any, i got sacked again coz some freak almost drowned while i was suposed to be watching him, well almost drowned is a bit extream but i "neglected" him. i think that was last straw as i keep turning up late and skived a few shifts while i was datein andy (dont ask what happend to him)

men still suck!!!

on a brighter note this staerday i picked up this really cool yellow bag with matching shoes and belt, and i love them
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